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129 Atlantic Ave. Clinton & Henry

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383 Fifth Ave. at 6th St.

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Thank You Park Slope !

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the closing of the Park Slope location of the ChipShop after nearly 14 years. We will be closing our doors for the last time on December 24th at 5pm.

Thank you Park Slope friends, neighbors, and all our dear customers.

What a ride it has been with…

...such beautiful customers -- some famous, others infamous and all loved;

…exceptional staff throughout the years – with an extra big thanks to those who have been with us since the beginning;

... so many, many bizarre items fried (wedding cakes, Twinkies, countless chocolate bars, a George Bush doll, Wendy Williams’ wig, etc.);

...endless terrific kids (some barely a twinkle in their parents’ eyes when we started and now teens)--a special shout out to MS 51 students for their lunch business, and the PS 107 and PS 29 communities for their endless support;

... hundreds of napkin love letters left in the drawer of table 6;

…wonderful media experiences including being credited with starting the state fair deep fried Twinkie craze.  Special tribute to the Food Network, and Travel Channel for their repeated coverage;

...great landlords, you are truly the good guys, and;

... many laughs, tears and everything else in between.

While we won’t be quite as local, you can still visit ChipShop at our Atlantic Avenue location with the same menu plus the bonus of a full bar and some of the familiar ChipShop staff faces (Suzy will be there!).

Please stay in touch through our website, facebook and twitter accounts (all accessible at The Reliant Robin is still on the road so keep an eye open for her rounding a corner (but not quite tipping over).

While this is a tough moment as we say goodbye to this first and beloved location, look for news on new ChipShop developments down the road. For the moment, we’ll catch our breath and hope to see you on Atlantic Ave.

Chris & Vicki Sell and Suzy Hackett


Park Slope

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Have a word in Chris’s ear about what to fry. If it doesn’t destroy our oil, kill our chefs or irritate the health department, he’ll give it a try.