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Hiya Sprogs (British slang for “Hey Kids”),

CHIPSHOP thought you might be chuffed to bits (really pleased) to learn some British slang and a special language called Cockney Rhyming Slang.  Read about it below and then send us your best try at British Slang.

Here is some British slang that could come in handy for a kid:

British Slang

American British
Awesome! Ace! Or brill!
Devastated Gutted
Proud Chuffed
Nap Kip
Suspicious Dodgy
Not right Wonky
Whine Whinge
Toilet Loo
Crazy Person Nutter
Tired Knackered
Amazed Gobsmacked
Toilet Paper Bog Roll
Don’t get worked up. Don’t get your knickers in a twist.
Gone mad, crazy Barmy
Booger Bogey
Easy, a cinch Doddle

Next, let’s move on to rhyming slang…

What is Cockney Rhyming Slang?
Cockney Rhyming Slang is a code language that was developed in the early part of the 18th century in the East End of London.  Some say it was used to speak in front of police without detection or for vendors to speak in front of their customers without being understood. You could use it in front of your parents so they don’t know what you’re talking about (sorry “rents”).

What is a Cockney?
Someone from the East End of London is considered to be a Cockney if they were born within hearing distance of the sound of Bow bells (of the Church of St Mary Le Bow In Cheapside, London).  The CHIPSHOP owners were married in the heart of the East End near Bow bells. The best they can hope for is to be “Mockneys.”


How does it work?

It uses a phrase that rhymes with a normal English word to stand for that word.

Can you “Adam & Eve” it?  Translation:  Can you “believe” it?
But it can be more difficult than that since usually the last part of the phrase is left off:
“I’m on the ‘dog’” is short for “I’m on the ‘dog and bone.’” Which translates to “I’m on the ‘phone.’”
Here’s a sentence using it:
“Allo me old china – wot say we pop round to my cat and mouse for a cuppa Rosie Lee.
Hello my old friend (mate -- china plate) – what do you say we pop around to my house (cat and mouse) for a cup of tea (Rosie Lee).

Your turn at being a “Mockney”
Below is a glossary of some standard rhyming slang. Please send us your best effort at using rhyming slang (plus you can use standard British slang that we discussed above) and it could get a spot on our site! Please keep it to just a sentence or so (no more than 4) and somewhat respectable although bathroom language is absolutely allowed and encouraged.

Please send your rhyming slang submission to: [email protected]
By sending us an email with your submission you acknowledge that you are at least 13 years old.  You may include your first name, age and city if you’d like those included on the website.   We promise not to keep and use your email for any purpose.


Cockney Slang

Rhyming Slang  (what you should say) Full Rhyming Slang Translation
Basin Basin of Gravy Baby
Captain Captain Hook Book
Rob Rob Roy Boy
Jam Jam Jar Car
Brown Brown Hat Cat
Ruby Ruby Murray Curry
Raspberry Raspberry Tart Fart
April April Showers Flowers
Mother Mother of Pearl Girl
Crust Crust of Bread Head
Jam Jam Tart Heart
Butcher’s  Butcher’s Hook Look
Mickey Mickey Mouse  House
Dustbin Dustbin Lid Kid
Crackered (or creamed)  Cream Crackered Knackered (tired)
Giraffe   Laugh
Bacon Bacon & Eggs Legs
Porkies Porky Pies Lies
Butcher's Butcher's Hook Look
China China Plate Mate (friend)
Bread Bread & Honey Money
North   North & South Mouth
Noah’s Noah’s Ark Park
Jimmy Jimmy Riddle Piddle (pee)
Half Inch   Pinch (to steal)
Uncle Uncle Bert Shirt
Moby Moby Dick Sick
Apple  Apple & Pears Stairs
Jam Jam Tarts Sweethearts
Rosie Rosie Lee Tea
Rag Rag & Bone Throne (toilet)
Beetles Beetles & Ants Underpants
Wallace Wallace & Grommit Vomit
Trouble Trouble & Strife Wife
Mork Mork & Mindy Windy
Septic Septic Tank Yank (An American)


Featured Sprog

Samson A.

Mockney List
Open and shut - butt
Tiger cub - tub
Now look - book
Beautiful Fixture - picture


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