Park Slope Chipshop

     launched in 2001

    Atlantic Chipshop

       launched in 2005



CHIPSHOP CORP was formed in 2000 by Chris and Vicki Sell as an umbrella corporation for restaurant development and trademark ownership. Currently CHIPSHOP CORP licenses the CHIPSHOP name to two Brooklyn, NY restaurants that are owned and operated by the Sells and additional business partners:

The Park Slope Chipshop – launched in 2001
The Atlantic Chipshop – launched in 2005

Chris Sell, Managing Director and Founder, is a professionally trained chef with over 30 years of restaurant industry experience including positions as executive chef, restaurant manager, catering manager and operations director. As a British expatriate, Chris conceived and launched the CHIPSHOP to provide the comfort foods and beer of his native country. To ensure quality, he maintains oversight responsibility for the restaurants and will be hands-on for the launch of future business units.

Vicki Sell, Partner, is a former management consultant in the publishing field bringing strategic analysis and planning to the CHIPSHOP management team. She provides planning guidance for development opportunities and back office and fiscal oversight of the CHIPSHOP units.


Investment opportunities

CHIPSHOP brand restaurants have met with great success in their local Brooklyn neighborhoods and have drawn tremendous national attention and even a tourist trade. At any given time, there are usually several national TV programs or Internet videos highlighting the CHIPSHOP concept on air or being developed [link to press]. The time is right to capitalize on the momentum of the CHIPSHOP brand and the publicity spotlight to launch a version of this successful formula into new markets.

CHIPSHOP CORP management sees Manhattan as the next step in expansion. With an award winning menu, a strong local New York City following and extraordinary ongoing press coverage, Manhattan is the logical next development location as a flagship model to roll out to other large cities and select college towns.

We are interested in working with investor partners and/or seasoned corporate restaurant executives for the Manhattan opportunity and future expansion beyond New York City in exchange for an equity stake. Please contact us to discuss current business plans and opportunities.



Contact info

Chris Sell
Managing Director and Founder
[email protected]

Vicki Sell

Suzanne Hackett
Park Slope General Manager

383 Fifth Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11215