Atlantic ChipShop
129 Atlantic Ave. Clinton & Henry

718.855.7775  888FRYCHIP
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Park Slope ChipShop
383 Fifth Ave. at 6th St.

718.832.7701  718CHIPSHOP
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If you have a hatred of uniforms but might:
• like to wear t-shirts with mild profanity on them;
• have a pleasing personality (i.e. can confine the profanity to the t-shirt vs. abusing our customers);
• would like to give the customer the best service possible;
• have a desire to feed chips to the world;
• always wanted to discuss the merits of a deep-friend Mars Bar vs. the Twix;
• and are broke and unemployed, or independently wealthy and bored, or simply need a change

Then the CHIPSHOP may be the place for you!

The ideal CHIPSHOP employee can get down with cheekiness, could sport an alternative outlook and style but is open, friendly and takes pride in good service.

To inquire about job opportunities, please answer the following questions and hit send. We’ll be in touch if we have an availability that is right for you.

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Park Slope

tell us what
to fry!

Have a word in Chris’s ear about what to fry. If it doesn’t destroy our oil, kill our chefs or irritate the health department, he’ll give it a try.