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129 Atlantic Ave. Clinton & Henry

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Park Slope ChipShop
383 Fifth Ave. at 6th St.

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The CHIPSHOP was founded in 2001 by Chris and Vicki Sell to provide an authentic British fish & chip shop experience. As an ex-pat and career chef, Chris was eager to dispel negative perceptions of English comfort food and “have a laugh doing it.” He sought to create a truly authentic British pub/restaurant rather than another theme joint serving chicken wings and burgers. So the CHIPSHOP staff are chuffed to regularly hear “better than I could get back home.”

While fish & chips is what the CHIPSHOP is renowned for, an extensive menu of British comfort food dishes made in-house is what brings regulars back time and again. The British beers are a strong draw too.   Oh, and let’s not forget about the tremendous press that the CHIPSHOP has received for deep-frying Twinkies and our willingness to fry anything that doesn’t hurt our chefs, wreck the fryer or irritate the health department.  That would be “the laugh” part that draws a tourist following.  Despite this fryer cheekiness, never doubt that the CHIPSHOP takes pride in serving quality comfort food made fresh at our two Brooklyn locations:

The Park Slope CHIPSHOP launched first in 2001 and is proud to be serving the families of this neighborhood for over a decade. It is at this location that the Twinkie infamously met the fryer thus launching years of frying madness.

The Atlantic CHIPSHOP (Brooklyn Heights/Cobble Hill)  followed in 2005 as a pub serving the same great comfort food while adding a diverse selection of single malt scotches, Irish whiskeys & single barrel bourbons, 16 different British draft beers and 2 cask ale lines. Major English and International football (soccer), rugby and cricket games are shown on four big screen televisions. 

The CHIPSHOP has received a tremendous amount of press for a small neighborhood business and we are especially proud of our many consumer and editorial awards through the years.

It seems that good comfort food and cheekiness are paying off with a following. Chris, Vicki and all the CHIPSHOP management and staff are thankful to our great customers. We hope you’ll come again and we invite those who haven't tried us to stop by.

The CHIPSHOP is also making plans for expansion. To learn more about those plans and opportunities to become involved, visit CHIPSHOP CORPORATE


Our Story

The birth of the CHIPSHOP concept
The life of Christopher Sell (abridged and heavily censored)!

With classical French culinary training, Chris Sell has been in the catering industry for over 30 years. In 1989 he felt the need for a change from his native England and said, "Bollocks, I'm moving to the USA." Chris arrived in New York in March 1990 with $700 in his pocket and an ambition to have fun. To support those early NYC days, Chris worked in the restaurant "underground" as a waiter, bartender, chef and later the operations director for an upscale sandwich bar chain supporting the launch of their second successful midtown store.

During the fun times of the early 1990s, Chris met Vicki in their shared Park Slope Brooklyn watering hole. By 1997 it seemed time for Chris to get legit and Vicki was the right ball and chain for him. However, to rectify past missteps with the INS (the underground days), Chris had to return to the UK for eighteen months (now known as the period of exile). While in London, he worked for Simon Woodroffe at YO! Sushi as executive chef and later as catering manager. The catering business included high profile parties and events.  At YO! Chris learned that in addition to providing good food, an atmosphere of fun combined with a certain sexiness and cheek has great appeal to diners.

Chris and Vicki married in London in 1998 and waited out the final months of Chris's exile on different sides of the pond. When Chris returned to NYC in August 1999, his mission was to open the first fish & chip shop in Brooklyn with that dash of cheekiness. For those who know Chris, that simply means an extension of his personality. Launched in early 2001, the first CHIPSHOP was been greeted by a tremendous reception by Park Slope residents. Added in 2005, the Atlantic CHIPSHOP with its pub atmosphere has drawn a loyal following among Brooklyn Heights and Cobble Hill residents. Chris and Vicki also welcomed their most beloved addition in 2005 with the birth of their daughter, Katherine.  Naturally outgoing Katherine doesn’t miss a beat in telling those she meets about “her” CHIPSHOPs.  Her current recommendations to other kids are: Macaroni cheese, fish and chips and candy bar milkshakes.

For a small neighborhood restaurant group, the CHIPSHOP has received impressive media coverage [link] from local, national and even international press. While we were fortunate to be well covered from launch, we have to credit the deep fried Twinkie for a great deal of the hoopla. The unfortunate little treat (may it RIP) first met the fryer sometime in 2002 and was shortly thereafter mentioned by the New York Times.  Press begets press and the Twinkie media whirlwind took off. Chris, our staff and our customers have fun with the deep fried craze but never fear, our biggest achievement by far is offering simple, fresh, homemade comfort food and a piece of Britain to our Brooklyn neighbors. Thanks for stopping by.


Park Slope

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